Manage your Team's SSH Keys Correctly

Increase your team's SSH key's security without increasing your hassle.

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Key Rotation

Force your team to regenerate their SSH keys on a period set by you.

Access Requests

Require staff to provide an access request before they can login to any server

Time Based

Outside office hours only core team members would require access to servers

Each team member generates their own key

Each staff member is required to generate a unique key pair on there work machine, and they have more than one if they have more than one workstation. They only need to provide us with their public keys.

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Keep an eye on who is accessing your servers. Be the first to know about unathorized access.

Super easy to implement.

As long as your server is running an OpenSSH server, we are ready to go with no additional software required.

Pricing that scales with your team

On Premise

  • On Premise
  • Unlimited Servers
  • Unlimited Keys
  • Starts at $50pm
    which includes your first 25 servers
$ 2 /server/mo Get started

What people say about Authorized.

Simon Bennett CEO and Founder

Managing SSH keys has always been a pain. The more servers and team members you have the bigger the pain is. Hence we build authorize to fix it!

Rick Bolton Head of Development - Uber Digital Ltd

Before using Authorized I used to have a cluttered .ssh directory and it would be a miracle if I could access a server first time. Now with one key, accessing all my servers has never been easier!

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